Ooti the Uterus
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Ooti the Uterus
Ooti the Uterus is an iMessage sticker app featuring an expressive uterus in shades of millennial pink. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Meet Ooti, the uterus.

An emoji sticker set for iMessage.
All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.


Real sticker are now available!

These Ooti stickers are printed with a premium matte finish on a high-quality clear vinyl backing.


Who's Ooti? Ooti is an expressive uterus in shades of millennial pink. You can catch Ooti drinking cold brew, wasting time on the phone, and of course, swiping.
Finally. It was about time someone made an animated uterus emoji set.
Right? Ooti's here so we can celebrate this amazing reproductive organ as well as support the fantastic health services Planned Parenthood provides. All proceeds from Ooti will be donated to Planned Parenthood so they can continue offering accessible care to those who need it.

26 animated uterus emoji stickers
+ a pink pussy hat




Thank you for supporting Ooti!