Online Casino Review

Online casino gambling is a large and extensive business that has taken the world by storm during the last few years. A multibillion dollar industry that has evolved into an accepted form of online entertainment. Has realized that the overall scope of online casinos is far more extense than the webcam casino we offer. In order to serve our clients better, we have taken it upon our selves to try to rank, quantify, measure, and review other forms of online gamming entertainment. In all honesty, some but not all of the casinos we will online casino review will have a referral link. We will not promote or encourage any online casino, sportsbook, bingo, racebook, or lottery site we feel is not par or fair to you.

When we rank a new online casino we will take into account the types of games, fairness, transparency in gamming action, quantity of games, player casino reviews, casino payout times, bonuses offered, and gamming platform. The “WOW” factor is also taken into consideration. Our greatest challenge is not directly comparing with any of the casinos we review in order to try to keep the reviews impartial and relative to the global industry. Player satisfaction is another important quality. If you want to provide us with a testimony with any of the casinos in our list, or suggest adding an online casino to our list please email us. Our contact information is listed in our main menu. Best of luck and we hope our reviews will bring you the best casino bonuses and fairness possible. We’ve been able to categorize the casinos based on the types of games offered and the method of generating the “random” casino results. We will make sure that our reviews on online casino poker and our list of 10 best online casino are from first hand experience.

We’ve made certain classes of online casinos se we could group them together better so comparisons between the casinos actually mean something. Here is the classification tree we’ve managed to come up with so far. Please keep in mind that these classifications are generalities. One particular casino may have various characteristics that pertain to more than one category. For example.. Golden Palace Casino has mobile games, conventional games, and Bingo. One of the rare casinos that offer a broad spectrum of gamming entertainment. Thus, Golden Palace Casino will be listed in each of these categories. This directory tree will be modified as needed to accommodate new games, and new technologies in the online gamming industry. The mobile online casinos that requiere mobile phone or PDA’s have

We will be adding new casino reviews on a weekly basis. Soon we will be adding reviews of casino affiliate programs. These reviews will specifically oriented towards casino webmasters who are serious about promoting online casinos. For online casino terminology you can click here

Online Casino Terminology: (used in the casino review chart above)

  • RNG – Random Number Generated. This means that the casino software uses an algorithm to generate a random number based on a series of limitation that simulate a real casino outcome. The risk in this is the casinos ability to easily modify the results biased in favor of the casino and not the player. Fortunately, this is rare in the casino industry because there are third party monitors that validate the farness of the RNG outcome.
  • Overall – Overall subject Rating of the casino site on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Bonuses – Overall bonuses given for that casino. Some casinos offer different bonuses per deposit. the individual casino review page will specify what bonuses are given on which deposit. Unless specified, the Bonus percentage is for the first deposit bonus.
  • Bonus Amount: Absolute dollar value of bonus. Normally there is a percentage match up to a certain amount. This maximum value is the amount listed. The only exception is for specific casino promotions like “Refer a friend” etc. These specific bonuses will be listed. It is also possible that some casinos offer cash equivalents, like raffles, or other incentives for joining with no deposit.
  • Play Through: In all fairness the casinos have to have some type of requirement for playing if they offer such generous bonuses. The play though requirement is the amount of times (or factor) you have to play in order to withdrawal your funds. 20 to 40 is the standard. Higher for some bonuses that do not require a deposit. These are the “no deposit required” bonuses.
  • Gamming software: Company that provides the gamming platform of the casino. Even though Micro gamming and Play tech are the most popular they are not the only ones out there.
  • Since – Year the casino started operation.
  • “WOW” Factor – This is hard to quantify. But the idea is to try to express the overall “coolness” of the site on a scale of one to ten. For example. If the casino looks like its ten years old.. and doesn’t have stimulating graphics, sound etc.. then it will have a lower “WOW” factor than another casino with fresh, Las Vegas style excitement.
  • DownLoad Required: If marked “YES”, then the casino requires a download in order to play.
  • Payout percentage: How much the casino pays out to the client. Most of the casinos publish their payout percentages via third party monitors. Typically 98 is an overall ballpark figure. the higher the better.

We will be adding new casino reviews on a weekly basis. Soon we will be adding reviews of casino affiliate programs. These reviews will specifically oriented towards casino webmasters who are serious about promoting online casinos.